Erwin Mulder, owner of Green Pepper Golf (an golf management company), is the organizer of the Dutch International Open Mid Amateur Championship. As with so many other tournament around the world, it started with filling a gap in the tournament landscape. All I am aiming for is to offer an pure golf event with no hassle. Strokeplay, each shot count. No fancy things, just core golf for pure golfers.

This will only be the 2nd edition of the Dutch Int. Open Mid Amateur and we are aiming for the DOMAC to become an annual event. Tho make that happen, all we need are golfers of 30 years and older with a max hcp of 12.4 and better to create a stunning field of golf players.  

Other tournaments organized by Erwin are the Open Amateur Golf Tour Netherlands. A series of strokeplay events for male and female golfers of 18 years and older with an maximum handicap of 12.4 and lower. 10 tot 16 strokeplay events anually.

Erwin Mulder